ENGL11B Self Improvement Plan for Nick Carraway Narrator of Great Gatsby

you will be writing a 3 page lette to the narrator of The Great Gatsby, the character Nick Carraway. You will start by placing headers with to and from addresses (which can be made-up but remember Nick lives in West Egg, New York) and addressing your letter “Dear Nick.” Speak in first person as if you were an old friend, or any other creative person who would be likely to give Nick life advice, like a family member or therapist. You will need to choose 3 problems Nick faces in the novel to give him advice on how he should handle them. Note: you are not just pointing out his flaws. You are giving him 3 pieces of advice on how to correct them. You will support your advice with 1 quote per body paragraph showing where his dilemma occurred in the novel, and 1 quote per body paragraph from Benjamin Franklin or Henry David Thoreau supporting your advice. These are listed below and are little sayings that people of that time may have said to one another.

Although this is a letter, you will organize it with an introduction that includes your thesis stating the three main problems you will help Nick with, 3 body paragraphs that focus on one dilemma each (in each body you will state the dilemma, use a quote from the novel showing wear it occurs, give your advice, and use a quote from Franklin/Thoreau to support your advice), and a conclusion restating your thesis with farewell statements.