ENGL 101 Oakton Community College Social Media Use Synthesis paper

1. Intro (1 PARAGRAPH)


-background info/establish relevancy

-thesis (state your claim)

2. Summaries (1/2 PAGE)

-introduce titles/authors

-summarize main ideas in resources

3. Support YOUR thesis (2-3 PAGES)

-provide 3-4 reasons in support of your claim (First, Second, Most importantly,…)

-state your reasons in topic sentences; use supporting sentences to state you evidence

-paraphrase and quote (not much) from articles as you support your claim; you should be talking about your resources in every single paragraph of your paper

4. YOUR own insights (1/2 PAGES)

-What are your thoughts and reactions to the articles’ arguments? Can you add any additional insight or examples?

6. Conclusion (1 PARAGRAPH)

-give a call to action