ENG99 San Diego Mesa Immigration in Running to America Poem Paper

Here is your list of instructor-approved sources!

Thanks for submitting your URL links by yesterday; y’all made it so easy for me. 🙂 Thank you! I left each of you who submitted a URL link a submissions comment. Some sources I did not approve because they were opinion editorials, and others I did approve.

I encourage you to begin perusing a lot of these articles now, trying to decide which ones you will use for your upcoming paper. You’ll have until this coming Saturday to settle on your 3-5 sources (a least one of them has to come from this compiled list students have found). There will be a source assignment due on Saturday, and this helps me to see if you are on track.

Please note that some of the sources, like New York Times articles, only allow you to read up to ten articles a month before you are asked to subscribe and pay a fee. So if you plan on using one of these articles, I recommend copying and pasting the content into a Word document so that you don’t lose access to it later on.