ENG102 Voyage of the Sable Venus by Robin Coste Lewis Analysis Paper

Topic and Essay Rubric

In a minimum 1,200- word essay evaluate two poems from the Voyage of the Sable Venus, by Robin Coste Lewis. While developing your specific interest in these two poems, be certain to both evaluate the underlying themes as well as elements of form. Consider answering the following questions: Why have you chosen these specific poems? Why do they resonate with you? How do they exemplify Lewis’s philosophy?

You also HAVE to included at least 5 quotations from five different outside sources as support. Also at least 10 quotations from Lewis’s work are mandatory. Lewis’s appearance at Glendale may qualify as one of these outside sources, so too may the craft essay. Beyond the Voyage, found at the back of the book.

Please use MLA guidelines with all in-text citations, paraphrases and summaries and included a Works cited page.

Due date is May 1st 2019

I will also send over the 3 poems which you can choose 2 from whenever i choose the tutor in the direct page.