EN106 PARK Unit 3 Is The Education System Failing? English Essay Help

Identify another student whose essay has not yet been peer-reviewed. Read the essay and respond to the writer no later than Friday midnight CST, with answers to all of the following questions (adapted from Greene and Lidinsky):

  1. Are the questions and issues that motivate the writer clear? How can this context be clarified?
  2. What is the writer’s thesis, his/her main argument, focus?
  3. Has the writer effectively related the conversation that published writers are engaged in? How so? What work remains to be done to better contextualize the writer’s thesis?
  4. Is the writer addressing the audience’s concerns effectively? Anticipating counter- arguments?
  5. What passages of the draft are most effective? Why?
  6. What passages of the draft are least effective? Why?
  7. As a reader, I suggest this writer focus his/her revision efforts in this way: ___________
  8. Respond to the writer’s specific questions.

Note: you will need at least 300 words to response appropriately and substantively.