Efficacy of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Psychology Research Paper

I need a total of four article summaries from four psychology-related research articles( empirical research articles published in any peer-reviewed psychological journal, and then writing brief 400-500 word summaries of those articles). 

Which means 4 individual article summaries,each has to be a pages long with 400-500 words.

One easy way to find articles is by using google scholar (scholar.google.com). Choose a topic from psychology that you are interested in, then use that topic area as a key word, and do a google scholar search (scholar.google.com). 

Summaries will be evaluated on an acceptable/not-acceptable basis. An acceptable summary will include a complete reference to the summarized article, along with a brief description, in your own words, of (a) the purpose of the research, that is, what theory or hypothesis was tested, (b) the basic procedure used to test that theory or hypothesis, (c) what was actually found, and (d) what the findings mean for the theory or hypothesis tested. You might also consider whether there are any personal applications that the results suggest, how society might utilize those findings, and/or what additional research seems appropriate. Along with each summary, you must submit a copy of the abstract from the published article