Effective Presentation and Communication Skills Discussion

I want you to paraphrase the following:

“The primary purpose of the lecture was to discuss effective presentation skills. The areas that were covered are the introduction, planning a good presentation, components of an excellent presentation, tips for personal appearance, and reducing anxiety. The primary importance of presentation skills is to convey ideas. In any organization, if you want to express an opinion anywhere what is most important are communication skills, and the same applies to job interviews. Anything you want to present is through visual aids like PowerPoint slides, Prezi e.t.c. Leadership and presentation skills go hand in hand. Tools used in presentations are PowerPoint, poster, google slides, Prezi, slide door, and so many others.

Planning a presentation requires, first to define one’s purpose. The second is knowing your audience. Is it made up of students, investors, or the public?Three, knowing your venue. To understand what is available, and select your tools well. It also helps to know the size of the venue to have a clue about the number of people you will address. Four, time of the talk. The best time of the day for most people is morning because people are alert. If it is immediately after lunch, add some jokes to make them alert. Five, Length of the talk. Four, making presentation slides. They have to be attractive and use audiovisual aids in the presentation like charts, graphs, photographs. They help in making communication effective.Lastly, rehearsing the presentation to boost confidence.”