EEL3472C Wave Propagation and Reflection Visualization in 3D Post Lab


In this laboratory, you will explore plane waves and wave propagation characteristics in 3-dimensional space. The lab guides you through concepts such as plane waves in unbounded media, properties of plane waves in both insulating materials, reflection/transmission of waves at planar boundaries between different materials, and wave progration in a bounded media such as a transmission line. Understanding wave propagation in bounded and unbounded media is crucial to understanding wireless systems such as mobile communication systems, WiFi, radars, etc.

In the prelab, you will review concepts learned in coursework by calculating the electric field of a plane wave in free space and at the boundary of a dielectric material. In the lab experience, you will use MATLAB as a software tool for solving electromagnetic-wave based problems. You will use MATLAB to simulate the questions in the prelab and compare the solutions with your hand-calculated results. Finally, you will be presented with the corresponding visualization in 3D space of the electric and magnetic field for a plane wave in free space, in the presence of a dielectric material (i.e. transmission and reflection) and inside a transmission line (i.e. coaxial cable).

see the template

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Laboratory Report (this what i need) in (Template.doc) format.

Prepare a short-written report that includes:
1. A one-paragraph description of the laboratory assignment.
2. Summarize all the results in the ā€œObservationsā€ tables.
3. Screen shots of your plots from Parts II, III, and IV with comments explaining the plots for full credit. 4. Two suggestions to improve the laboratory experience.