Edit Paper- 2-in-1 wash and dry suitcase final project

Need paper edit. I highlight those parts in RED.

– Please read through the paper.

1. Please summarize the “executive summary” to 3 paragraphs. (p 3)

2. For Basic Demographic, please add 2 reliable research sources on it to prove research data. (P. 7)

3. For the ethic issue part, please answer: Is there a source for this data to show Whirlpool has LBGT issue ? Has Whirlpool had issues here in the past? 1-2 pragrah is enough(P. 25)

4. For Refinement part, it needs to add more research, and I list them on the paper. Please complete the product release form and answer: 1. Success on New product and branding? What’s the main factor of new product development? 2 paragraph is enough. (p.32)

5. Please add 1 more marketing strategy based on the product (2-in-1 wash and dry suitcase) 1-2 paragraph is enough. (P. 31)

– Total 4 Pages for paper editng