ECON330 Grossmont Shifting to 3D Printing for Xerox and Its Benefits Case Paper

CON E 330 Section-1&2 Study Spring 2019

I. Case Study 50 Points: All Individual work; Hard copy at the beginning of the class,

No Email or posting on Bb.

All Case Study Assignment due: WednesdayMay 1; 2019 at the beginning of the class; late work will not be accepted

You will be required to apply information that you learn to the Case Study Tasks


a) Select a Case-Study to cover 3-4 topics in your field of study; related to Process developments for Product design or Application and Implementation of capital equipment’s selections.

Interest and Equivalence Economic; Present Worth and Annual Cash Flow Analysis

Choosing the Best Alternative; Income Tax; Replacement Analysis; Inflation and Price Change

Safety and Environmental Needs in the Public or Private Sector.

b) Research Report MS word format 10-12 pages single space. All Individual case study report Bring Hard copy to class no POSTING on Bb.