ECON 2620 Week 14 USA and General Epistles Assignment

Assignment for Week 14: USA and General Epistles (DUE IN 12 hours)

Read Hebrews, 1 Peter, Ephesians, 2 Timothy; and pp. 1-11 of “USA and the Apocrypha” available in the file “Second Century Christianity: USA” in the folder “Comments on Selected NT Texts” in Course Documents on Blackboard

  • Describe the apostolic tradition.
  • What features of the canon support the USA?
  • What is the golden age myth? How does it differ from the apocalyptic myth? Which best suits an institution?
  • Describe 2nd century Christianity. See question #13 as well.
  • What are the so-called “General Epistles”?
  • What is the general demand made on followers of Jesus in the General Epistles?
  • Why are followers of Jesus to be righteous sufferers in 1 Peter? What HB scripture does this demand depend upon?
  • Why is Melchizedek important to Hebrews?
  • What kind of Jesus does Hebrews imagine?
  • What is Hebrews’ relationship to Jewish Christianity?
  • What HB passages are particularly important to Hebrews?
  • How do the post-Paulines and Acts domesticate Paul?
  • Who are the Ebionites, Marcionites, and Gnostics? What kind of Pauls do they envision? How does the institutional Paul combat these alternative Pauls?
  • How does the church of Ephesians differ from churches usually addressed by Paul?
  • What is the “mystery” in Ephesians?
  • What is a household code?
  • How might Ephesians introduce Paul’s thought/letters?