Dr Walter Shewhart and Dr Kaoru Ishikawa quality management Discussion

In the first week of the course, we take a look at the contributions of some of the most well-known quality management gurus. In this individual assignment, your task is to compare and contrast the work or quality philosophies of two of the gurus. You can select any two based on your preferences. Questions you may want to address include:

1. What are the differences and similarities between their quality philosophies? (4points)

2. How do their contributions apply in practice? Support your response with examples (4points)

3. What is your preferred quality philosophy and why? (4points)

4. How does your preferred quality philosophy influence your personal life? (4points)

5. What advice do you have for an organization that would like to apply this philosophy in the workplace? (4points)

Write a short paper containing the answers to these questions. Successful reports will include:

Evidence of research from academia and other reputable sources (Wikipedia is NOT a reliable source).

References are correctly cited within the body of the paper. APA format is required for in-text citation.

Examples of personal experience (work, life) that supports the research.

All references cited correctly at the end of the paper (Reference page). APA format is required for reference pages.

Use APA style for in text citations and your reference page (double spacing not required).

Your paper should be no more than 3 pages (single-spaced, 10-point font).