Dolls House by Henrik Ibsen Creative Powerpoint Assignment

After spending the semester writing, our last assignment will allow us to think about the works we have covered in a different way. Develop your connection to a text by creating a project that taps into something you enjoy. The objective of the project is to show a connection to, or a deeper understanding of, a text through a medium other than academic writing.All Creative Projects must be accompanied by a one-page explanation of why you picked the text and how you developed the project. Explain your process of creation. This is essential because it gives me insight into how much effort went in to creating the project. For example, let’s say you submitted a stick figure comic strip. That may seem to me that it took about five minutes to do; however, your explanation details the thought that went into the creation of the cartoon, how you thought about the words the characters say, how the bodies are positioned, etc. Suddenly, I can see that there was work involved. The one-page explanation is essential even if you submit a written project (i.e., a poem or alternate ending).

Assignment- Create a PowerPoint or visual presentation (i.e., Prezi or Keynote) to accompany a text we covered. The text is A Dolls House by Henrik Ibsen

The rest of the directions are in the file with the rubric