Discussion VI: Perspectives on Chapters 16-18

Chapters 16-18 all relate to competing ideas and political and cultural conflicts of the 1800s. You can use the reading handouts for Chapters 16-18 to find topics to write about. You may also use the questions and key terms provided in our textbook.

This forum is officially worth 20 points. You can get up to five points each time you start a topic or respond to another student. Please limit each post to about one solid paragraph or two short paragraphs.

Please make sure you share new material in your posts. This will require you to read the other posts, unless you happen to be the first person to comment on a topic.

If you are the first person to post on a particular topic, you may respond directly to this thread. Please give your post a short title to convey the topic you are writing about. It would also help say which chapter(s) you are referring to and where people can find the info. If someone has already brought up the topic you most want to discuss, please post your ideas as a response to the other student.

Please make sure you respond to at least three other students in this forum. When you respond to other students it does help if address them by name. Relate your remarks to what people have previously shared on the topic.