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The graph of opens up if and down if Explain why or how that statement is true. (Hint: consider what happens as x gets more and more positive or more and more negative.)Parabolas/(use of quadratic equations) are widely used to describe or predict results, in shapes, paths of travel, architecture, medicine, military. Can you name some examples you have seen.

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Student 1:

The graph of opens up if and open down if is referred to as the parabola graphs. This is the graph of the two quadratic equations where there are two intercepts i.e. x-intercept and y-intercept. These graphs are opened in the U shape in the upward and the downward direction. There’s a need to find the vertex, intercept in order to graph a proper parabola. There are multiple steps that considered in order to decide the direction of the parabola and requires a lot of parameters as well. There is a number of examples that parabola is used in real life to depict the things like using the parabolic reflectors to reflect the light, in-car headlights, in amusement parks (Dotson, 2018).


Dotson, J. D. (2018, February 26). Real Life Parabola Examples. Retrieved from https://sciencing.com/real-life-parabola-examples-7797263.html

Student 2:

Quadratic equations can be used in many ways in real life. For example when you throw a ball in the air and you want to measure how much time it too for the ball to go up and what time the ball will hit the ground. This type of calculation is very useful in many sports and the time can be measured by variable t in equation. h(t) = t^2+t+0.When graphing a equation the graph opens upwards when the x coefficient is positive and opens downwards if the x coefficient is negative.