Discrimination and Psychological Effect on People Paper

The prompt is:

Final Paper:

Students will select a topic from the syllabus and conduct a literature review consisting of at least 10 recent references from

peer-reviewed journals. The final paper must be written in APA format and consist of a well thought out synthesis of this material. In the paper and using evidence from the literature, students must address: 1) why this is a relevant and timely topic, 2) what do we currently know about the topic, 3) what are limitations of this knowledge, 4) what are the implications of the evidence for prevention and intervention of mental illness, and 5) future directions.

I do have an outline which I did and that my professor commented on. I also have the 7 sources that you will need at the end of my outline cited.

“you have a good start here but sometimes a superficial reporting of the issue. This is not a matter of opinion, generalizations, or right or wrong but a synthesis of where we currently are in the field/research on the topic. Proofreading is also a problem. Also, you will need to work on organization of the material before moving onto the paper. Also for future directions much more research on these populations is needed to inform recommendations. Last, check out purdue owl website for specific guidance about citing (e.g., title should be in sentence case, etc.). Let me know if you need help as you work on the paper.”