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Search “scholar.google.com” or your textbook. Discuss the issues organization’s face with regards to the protection of its customer information. How might an organization notify its users that all communications are being monitored and preserved? How will end users typically respond to such announcements?


Whether a company is small or huge regarding its business, one must be able to remain cognizant to security issues that may affect data protection. Cybersecurity and information security are one of the most critical issues faced by companies today. Privacy is an overriding concern when it comes to the operations for any business. Most companies are endowed with data-rich frameworks. Among the best-known sectors and companies with a significant amount of data include those that deal with health and financial services. Such firms have millions of customers with different data sets and types. An example may include the health sector whereby its systems comprise of many operations and information regarding the health progress of patients. It is important to note that the sector uses close to $ 6 billion annually to deal with cyber-attacks (Von Solms & Van Niekerk, 2013). Attacks have increased their frequency in the last few years, with cost accelerating, and damages gaining complexity in terms of remediating them.

Firms have identified that it is unavoidable for them to consider the effects of intrusions. This is because data may be hacked at any time. Therefore, the only solution has been to focus on identifying how hackers penetrate systems and steal significant information. Also, companies are careful about establishing security frameworks for data protection and recovery despite the cost being high. Companies experience business disruption, their reputation being damaged, and information being lost to unknown parties. The problem is that the ones conducting the attacks are highly skilled, a factor that makes it easy for them to access the data (Njenga & Brown, 2012). Hence, an organization may not be able to have the capacity to prevent cyber-attacks in the market fully.

The first step involved in dealing with data protection may comprise identifying security gaps in a system. Companies have to differentiate between fragmented and decentralized data for effective data protection. A system always disperses data in multiple locations in a company. Therefore, it is crucial for the management to note the location of data to ensure effective protection. It is also essential for the second step to involve the aspect of identifying the amount of data generated by a system at any given time and its sharing across a network (Tosh, Sengupta, Kamhoua, & Kwiat, 2018). Old data has to be managed and purged effectively to ensure that an organization acquires a capacity to face and eliminate existing challenges.

The third step may comprise developing defense strategies regarding the protection of data belonging to the customers. When it comes to the end users, it is important to note that they need to know about the nature of security regarding their data and possible ways to report any existing issues surrounding their data. Therefore, companies have to think of establishing a portal and a customer representative framework that may handle queries and questions regarding the data belonging to customers. They should also share information associated with operations with the customers to ensure they become knowledgeable about how their data affect them at any given time. The above prepares customers to stop panicking in case of an attack launched on a system.

Reply 2:-

Within the past decade, internet commerce and use has grown at an accelerated rate. With this rapid rate of growth came the rise of the marketing potentials of gathering data on millions of users and consumers who use the various types of services daily. This information is naturally extremely valuable to the right people and securing this information has become a major challenge for businesses of all types who are responsible for ensuring that their personal information isn’t getting in the hands of the wrong people. These challenges come both physically and digitally, as servers can be compromised through various means and a security breach on a platform can result in the loss of credit card information, social security numbers, and personal addresses of customers. One of the biggest issues that makes it difficult to protect this information is general information security vulnerabilities, primarily in the form of disclosed and undisclosed vulnerabilities that can be found in operating systems and web browsers that businesses cannot completely protect against. New vulnerabilities get discovered daily and it’s extremely difficult to be aware of them and know when they are being exploited by others.

Despite these issues in containing information in a safe manner, organizations who take their security seriously can alert users that they are confident in their security in a variety of ways. On web pages where users need to input sensitive information in order to proceed, organizations can create prompts or alerts before submitting their information that lets them know that their information is safe with them and informing them not to submit this information elsewhere that they aren’t confident about. End users will typically respond positively to such responses, as being informed that their information isn’t being compromised will build confidence with the organization they are working with. End users would rather be informed of what is going on rather than be kept in the dark about where their information is going online.



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