Differences Between Association Relationship and Inference Analysis Paper

Please answer each question well. Make the answer simple. Write clearly about the definition and differences between terms.

1. Differences between association analysis, relationship analysis, inference analysis

2. Understand mean, median, mode, and variance

3. What is statistical inference, why is it important, what are some of the factors

4. Know the difference between market targeting, market research, market planning, market segmentation

5. What is a knova, what does is measure and what does it do?

6. How do researchers deal with small sample sizes? what is a t-test and a z-test & when do you use these? How does spss help eliminate researches worrying about t-test and z-test?

7. what is the difference between the following types of relationships: monotonic, linear, curva linear, and non-monotonic

8. How do you know a correlation is strong, weak, or medium? What is the range of values in a correlation?

9. What is chi-square analysis, what does it do?

10. What is the difference between correlation, prediction, analysis of variables, regression analysis?

11. Define the difference parts of the regression equation. Ex: what is y, what is x, what is the difference between the independent or dependent variables?

12. Related to the same stuff as #11

13. How does a researcher improve regression analysis? *exact question*

14. Might be T/F: what is web based/dashboards?

15. How do you use visuals in the market research report, what are the different types of visuals and what are the common ones? Ex: bars, lines, etc. When would you use a bar, line, etc.? Know the different types of visuals and what they do