Development in Healthcare Lean Six Sigma Project Management Tool Paper

Using the attached Written Assignment Template, write a paper which addresses a work project of your choosing by using the Lean Six Sigma project management tool to organize the work for the tasks to be accomplished. Make sure you include task assignments and time lines associated with getting the work accomplished. Demonstrate your understanding of planning and coordinating projects through both narratives and tables, charts, diagrams, figures, etc.

When including tables, charts, diagrams, figures: Do not put these in the body of your text if they are more than one-half of your page. Instead, they should be placed in appendices following the References page and explained in the body of your paper.

NOTE: Stickler for APA format. The paper should be 6 pages in length (excluding the title page, reference page, and any appendices) and include at least five (5) peer-reviewed, scholarly references.