Determination Of Caffeine In Coffee High Performance Liquid Chromatography

1-write an experimental part of HPLC experiment following “4.” format that in the attachment
we did the procedure on page 348, please do not forget those info aboutthe instrument we used.
-Hewlitt-Packard HPLC HP Series 1100
-Column: C18 reverse phase, 5 micrometer particle size, 50 mm x 4.6 mm
-Detector: variable wavelength (set to 254 nm)
-Integrator: HP 6890
-Our analysis uses the (aqueous) phosphate buffer instead of the water, so the mobile phase is phosphate buffer/methanol 80/20.

2-discuss ALL the result of HPLC experiment and make sure to find these two things:
a) The concentration (mg/L) of caffeine in the original beverage that you calculated from the chromatogram.
b) compare results obtained above with those on beverage container in both concentration (mg/L) AND total caffeine content (mg/container)]

You have to use very easy and simple english words and perfect grammar