Dementia Health Promotion Program for Older Adults Written Assignment

Optimal health is more than just the absence of disease. Construct a health promotion program that focuses on promoting optimal health for older adults. Select a specific health condition facing older adults that is covered in the text. Design your health promotion program to address the specific causes of the condition, the potential for social stigma, and adaptations that can be made to alleviate the condition, as well as the proposed program’s structure, goals, objectives, and potential results. Evidence from scholarly sources must support your program.

Health promotion topic: Dementia

Length (4-6 pages): All Essay Papers are formal. The formal rules of proper English and grammar apply for this submission and a reference page is required. Your paper must be original and not a submission of a paper from a previous course. Points will be deducted for misspellings, incomplete sentences, poor sentence structure, etc.Research: You must communicate your points about the topic and support them with factual evidence obtained from scholarly/peer-reviewed sources, such as professional journal articles available through the college library. You should use sufficient evidence from these sources to support your assertions. Note: You are required to incorporate at least 6 additional scholarly sources from peer reviewed journals