Delivery Center Research Summery

Research process & Research Summery Text: Summaries of your topic of interest in

written text discussing your research studies and explaining how it has supported the

development of your thesis 500-1000 words. (use images, quotes ect.)

the topic is: This thesis aims to design a centralized automatized delivery center that could be placed in every major metropolis. It is important to create such a structure because there is an increasing demand for online purchases that would require an enormous amount of delivery services.

The delivery center in this thesis is based on three types of delivery methods. First of all, airborne drones would deliver small and light items. Then, underground carriers can transport large items, whereas food deliveries would be handled by driverless vehicles.This design combines vertical storage and automated systems together. It aims reduce the environmental footprint of delivery services and at the same time, increase the efficiency of receiving, sorting and storing a variety of goods.

it is about the building, not the drones, focus on delivery centre and automatized!!!! (about the function or type of building, not how to use drones to delievry )

the research need to be very deep, From different angles, it must be comprehensive, not some common sense.

You need to analyze b y research some books, articles, and analysis charts.

the research is about the topic, not to explian the topic in different words.