Current State of US Economy & Gross Domestic Product Article Summary

Take an article that discusses the current state of the U.S. economy and write a two- to three-paragraph summary of the article. In your summary, include any references to GDP or U.S. economic policy. Explain how these relate to what you have learned in this section. Also include an explanation of the writer’s opinion of the U.S. economy. Is it growing or declining? What evidence does the writer provide to support this opinion? Discuss how this article reflects what you have learned in this section.

Be sure to include information regarding where you found the article (name of publication or website address) and the name of the author of the article as well as the date of the article.


  • • Provide a two- to three-paragraph summarization of the article.
  • • Include a summarization that contains a discussion of the current state of the economy.
  • • Include full discussion of how this article relates to what student learned in this section.
  • • Provide website address where article was found (if found on the Internet).
  • • Provide name of publication, author’s name, and publication date (if found in a printed publication).

In provided, this the pdf of what I’ve learned in the section.