CUR535 Students Attitudes and Behaviors Outcomes and Evaluation Paper

Section Four: Outcomes and Evaluation (Due Week 7)

Write a 2- to 3-page paper that includes the following information:

Expected outcomes

For each action goal you presented in Section Three, provide specific outcomes you hope to see if you were to implement this action research project.

Each goal may have several outcomes; therefore, number each outcome and present it in list form.

oThe outcomes should be stated in observable, measurable terms.

Measurement of outcomes

Describe how you plan to measure each projected outcome.

oBe specific about particular instruments and methods you would use.

oThis information is intended to aid another researcher interested in replicating your study.

  • Where possible, include copies of tests, questionnaires, or other instruments as an Appendix.
  • Explain how you would present your findings and to whom you will would present them.

Analysis of results

Describe how you plan to analyze your results.

Explain how you would determine if your solution strategy was effective.


List all sources you used to complete and support your action research proposal. These could be websites, articles, books, or other, but you should have a minimum of 7 peer-reviewed sources listed from your literature review.

Ensure your sources are cited according to APA guidelines throughout, including a reference page.