Cultural Revolution of China

All essays should be 5-7 pages (double-spaced) in length; Provide your essay with a title; Number your pages; is the PDF of textbook, you are required to use materials from the textbook, the documentary collection, or the other assigned readings as the evidences for supporting your claim.)

Identify a focused theme within the period you define and explain in what ways does this theme allow us to view the period you’ve defined as a distinct and integrated temporal unit.

Expectation: An excellent periodization essay shows a compelling and interesting linkage between the period you define and the theme you identify, builds the thesis on solid grounds of evidences, has a good focus, and is carefully argued, written, and edited.

The theme can be the personality of Mao, Longing for power and status

You can mention about:

  1. Star from One Hundred Flowers Movement
  2. Great Leap Forward
  3. Why Mao wants to launch the Cultural Revolution

-Is he wants to more power? His personality?

4.Economic, society and culture effects?

5. What is the impact on people’s lives?

6.How do people resist this movement?

7. Gang of four

8.Red Guards