CRJ305 Arizona State Women in Law Enforcement Professions Challenges Discussion

Women in law enforcement professions have had a tough road, although there has been much progress. Despite the inroads women have made as police officers, there remain many challenges. For this assignment, discuss four contemporary challenges women in policing continue to fight. For each challenge, discuss potential solutions.

The paper should be a balanced presentation with equal attention paid to challenges and solutions. FOR EACH CHALLENGE DESCRIBED A SOLUTION MUST BE INCLUDED.


a. address all relevant issues for each topic

b. organize logically

c. proof-read for spelling/grammatical errors

d. at least 4 outside sources (sources other than course textbook), cited within the text of the paper and as a works cited at the end of the paper. Wiki sources are not acceptable.

e. content: minimum 10 pages in length, no longer than 13

f. double-spaced, 10-12 point font, standard 1 inch margins