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Red Clay Renovations’ is an internationally recognized organization that focuses on residential renovation and rehabilitation. As such, it is important for Red Clay Renovations to present a united front through a new social media policy to field offices, managers, and their employees.

Some may argue that this new social media policy will restrict the freedoms of field officers to run their own region-specific campaigns with offices in Baltimore, Delaware, Philadelphia, and Maryland (King, 2018). However, in spite of these arguments, there is a greater benefit for centralized social media conducted by the company as a whole, as opposed to various campaigns, some of which are quite ad-hoc, conducted by independent field officers. The most freedoms are simply not always the most appropriate (Meister, 2003), and there must be some form of information technology governance provided by Red Clay Renovations company leadership in order to ensure proper social media distribution.

Centralized social media by Red Clay Renovations will allow for a variety of specific factors to ensure the streamlining of all social media emerging from Red Clay Renovations. This includes topics such as standardization, compliance, and accountability (Church, 2017). This will allow for more powerful messaging services to our clients, consumers, and the public-at-large (Briggs, 2016). Additionally, a centralized social media policy will allow Red Clay Renovations to practice information technology governance, ensuring that there is a focus on IT for all organizations, as well as growing awareness of IT principles for managers. (National Computing Centre, 2005). This will allow for greater brand messaging that is united across all social media fronts across different offices.

Additionally, Red Clay Renovations has also acquired Reality Media Services (King, 2018). This production firm helps create specific videos and other types of social media in order to help Red Clay Renovations promote our specific home improvement services. With our management seeking to bring more integration between Red Clay Renovations and Reality Media Services, a centralized social media policy will allow for more integration for Reality Media Services to maintain control and push out strong, branded content for Red Clay Renovations.

Distribution of this policy can most effectively be accomplished through a multi-step process. The first process would involve the distribution of this policy through print and email format to all employees, to ensure all-hands awareness of this new policy. Additionally, this knowledge can be reinforced through a specific training session held for managers and field office staff, where employees can interact with the Chief Information Security Officer and other individuals in order to address any potential concerns. This is a great forum to also have a Question and Answer session. A final way to ensure that the knowledge of this policy is properly distributed is by having this policy readily available on the internal Red Clay Renovations website. Through these steps, Red Clay Renovations can effectively ensure that all employees understand and are familiar with this specific new policy.

All in all, it is important for the Red Clay Renovations’ Chief Information Security Officer to implement a centralized social media policy in order to practice proper information technology governance.


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