Critical Approach to Consuming Modern Media Presentation

You have been recently hired as Public Relations Director by Smart Media Education, a non-profit organization whose mission is to educate youth and parents on a critical approach to consuming modern media. In one month your first big event is to present to a group of the nation’s high school juniors and seniors at the annual Youth Leadership Conference in Washington D.C. Approximately five students from each of the 48 contiguous states will be in the audience.

In this section of the assignment you will a speaker’s outline for your presentation and a sample of your presentation itself.

1.Your speaker’s notes should be completed in a Word document. These will be your notes as you present so make sure they are complete and include the following:

A. An introduction

B. An overview of what you’ll be presenting and why. (Why should these high school students care what you have to say?)

C. Your findings on television commercials

D. Your findings on the impact of media on society

E. A conclusion that summarizes and reinforces the reasons that it’s important to use critical thinking when consuming media

2.Create a PowerPoint presentation from your notes. Using screen capture software, record your presentation and submit a link to the recording along with your speaker’s notes.

A. There are many free versions of screen capture software. Ask your instructor for recommendations if you don’t have a favorite.