Criminal Justice Technology Paper

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Background: In recent years technology has expanded rapidly in the criminal justice profession. The technology has spanned the entire criminal justice community of police, courts, and corrections. Some of the specific technologies include thermal imaging, body cameras, biometrics, less-lethal weapons, gang intelligence systems, global positioning systems, automatic license plate recognition systems and offender management systems, to name a few.

Assignment: Select a current criminal justice technology that is of interest to you, other than the topics we already covered (UAVs and crime mapping). The technology selected can be any of those listed above or other recent technology used in the criminal justice system. Thoroughly research that technology by comparing and contrasting perspectives of the authors of four journal references.

The minimum length of the paper is five double spaced pages of 12-point font, not including the cover page or the reference page. Resources must be properly cited within the body of the text and listed on the reference page using APA citation rules.

Paper Formatting Requirements:

  • Cover Page: Include the title of the paper, your name, the class title, and date of submission.
  • Section 1: Introduction: Make an introductory statement about the topic and explain the purpose of your paper.
  • Section 2: Provide a complete description of the technology, explaining why it was invented and how it is used.
  • Section 3: Analyze the key elements of the technology and explain how it fits into the context of a criminal justice system. Is it compatible with other technologies or systems? Evaluate its effectiveness, including cost analysis and empirical testing. Compare and contrast the authors’ perspectives on the advantages and disadvantages of the technology.
  • Section 4: Conclusion: Based on the analysis of your research, do you believe the technology is effective and how should it be implemented?
  • References Page: List at least four journal references on a separate page and provide complete citations in accordance with the APA style manual.