Criminal Intelligemce Task


W8 Assignment “Evaluation Packet”

Criminal Intelligence Analysis

Evaluation Packet

Based on the required readings, lecture materials, scenario, and video for Week 8, you will turn in a word processing document with the following elements:

1. A cover sheet.

2. An abstract stating:

a. The problem your paper seeks to address (1-2 sentences),

b. What method you used to address the problem (1-2 sentences),

c. And what results your efforts achieved (1-2 sentences).

3. A step-by-step analysis of your lessons learned working the El Movi case. This section must include:

a. An introduction (no less than 5 sentences),

b. An explicit thesis statement (“This paper does this, this, and this.”),

c. The answers to all three questions about each product, giving each product its own, complete paragraph of no less than 5 sentences,

d. The four statements about your experience working the case finished in your own words.

e. And a conclusion answering the question, “So what?” about the rest of your paper (no less than 5 sentences).

4. Include as an addendum a timeline for all major events in this course

5. A bibliography of ALL sources used for your paper in APA format (use as a guide if necessary).