Crestwood Inn Pros & Cons of Christys Comment Card Development Case Study

Resource: Crestwood Inn Case Study

Read the Crestwood Inn case study located in Ch. 11 on page 312.

Write a paper using at least 1050 words.

Evaluate the pros and cons of Christy’s comment card development.

Describe the benefits and challenges of involving the housekeeping staff in collecting the comment cards, and address the following in your response:

  • What can Christy learn from the questions about the guests’ experience, the hotel’s service, and the guests’ rooms?
  • What additional information should be collected?
  • What additional information can help to improve guest services?
  • If you were Christy, what else would you do in her situation to help improve overall service?

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

Include APA references.