Conspiracy Theory ( 5 pages)

Please look for any topic about Conspiracy Theory and write 5 pages


This assignment is designed to dig more deeply into the evidence you have gathered in making a case either for or against a specific conspiracy theory. For this exercise, I would like you to look at the affordances and limitations of the evidence you have collected and in what form that evidence appears. The main purpose is to help you develop a more productive and robust understanding of how to use the affordances and limitations provided by this evidence to structure your argument.


For this assignment, you will look through all of the evidence you have gathered that either helps to prove or disprove your particular argument about a conspiracy theory. You will categorize this evidence based on what medium it appears (or first appeared) and how you came across that evidence (for example, through web searches, library databases, links provided by an online contact, etc.). The analysis, then, will be conducted based on what the evidence allows you to do or limits you from doing (affordances and limitations).

An example of this, as used in class, is the missing footage in the Zapruder Film. The film itself gives us certain affordances in that it allows us a visual window into the events of JFK’s assassination, but it also limits us to a certain extent, because it provides only one angle and there is footage we cannot see. With this in mind, analyze the evidence you have based on this idea of affordances and limitations that are provided by the nature of the medium and the media used to find the evidence.


This assignment should be presented as a traditional essay with an introduction, body, and conclusion, but it can be presented as a visual project as long as it addresses the main analytical perspective of the assignment.


Along with the technical and grammatical proficiency of the essay itself, this assignment will be evaluated on how well you address the above criteria:
1) does the project provide sufficient background and context for your reader to understand what is being analyzed? and
2) does the project use specific, concrete examples to support the analysis?


5 pages

Double Spaced

Times New Roman, 12-point font

APA formatting