Consequences of Drug Abuse and Other Social Problems in Families Paper

8 page paper + minimum of 8 refernces


Research Paper – Family

Students are required to write about a particular social problem that has affected them or members of their immediate or extended family. In your introduction, please state why you consider this particular issue a social problem. Be sure to include facts and figures showing the extent of this social problem within our society. In other words, how many people are affected by this issue? In addition, students are required to describe the origin/s of this problem within your family, and some consequences that this problem has had on various family members. Finally, students are expected to describe at least three practical solutions to remedy or lessen this social problem. You can include whether your family successfully or unsuccessfully tried any of these solutions. The focus of your solutions should not just be on an individual level, but more importantly, on a societal level.

The Final Paper is required to be a minimum of 8 pages and should have a minimum of 8 references.


Check attac hed file for the grading rubri