Congressional Country Club 8500 Tour Review Paper

The Details:

Each review must be:

  • A minimum of 500 words long
  • In standard MLA format
  • Comprised of your own original response to the concert

Each review must contain:

  • The date of the concert
  • The venue of the concert
  • The name of the ensemble
  • The titles of pieces performed
    • For your classical review you must include the names of all pieces, and the number and title of each movement
    • For your jazz review you must include the name of at least four piecesperformed throughout the evening
  • The names of any significant performers
    • Classical: The conductor, and any soloists; if it’s a small-group concert, you must include the names of all members of the small groups
  • A summary, including your personal reaction to the concert and/or any specific pieces