Congress Law on April 26 2019 & the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq Paper

I need all three of the questions below answered in depth and very well written. Seriously digest the questions and what they are asking and respond to them separately but all on one word document. Each question should have it’s own response of 500-600 words. These responses have to be very well thought out and logical. Please write an amazing paper, it’s important.

1. On April 26, 2019 Congress passes the following law: “Any US citizen found guilty of participating in the operations of the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq (ISIS) shall be sentenced to death by public hanging.” The Supreme Court is quickly asked to rule on the constitutionality of this law. Looking for help, they contact you. They ask: is this new law constitutional? In answering this question be sure to discuss the ‘cruel and unusual punishment’ clause of the eight amendment and to consider at least two different views on constitutional interpretation.

2. Consider the following two claims: (1) “You are not morally bound to fulfill a promise to perform an action the nature of which you did not understand, even though you should often be legally bound to fulfill a contract the terms of which you did not understand.” (2) “You should not be legally bound to fulfill a contract the terms of which areextremely unfair to you, even though you are often morally bound to fulfill such contracts.” Evaluate the plausibility of these two claims.

3. Should the law allow police to lie to a suspect in order to extract admissible-in-court confessions from that suspect? Justify your answer.