Complete Methods and Short AB Assignment


Step 1. Write Methods section of your research study. Use 1″ margins, Times New Roman font. Your Methodsshould:

  • describe the historical research that you have conducted – comparing time periods that your two schools were built; discuss if/when the schools opened and closed
  • describe the how you organized your data about the two schools; discuss details in an organized, logic manner
  • describe the qualitative nature of your research; discuss archival documents that you found while doing the study
  • describe the idiographic nature of your research; how does your study relate to the discovery of facts that you found
  • describe the inductions that you were able to make as a result of the exploratory nature of your research
  • describe the cases – events, schools, places, communities, people that make your study about the two schools so important

Step 2. Repeat another Annotated Bibliography like you did previously. Include all Annotated Bibliographies in the same document as all of the other components of your study

  • another peer-reviewed research article; attach the actual article (i.e. the pdf or word version of the full, peer-reviewed article) to this Assignment as well.
  • the article must address school segregation issues that took place BEFORE the 1954 Brown vs. Board of Education decision
  • Read the article.
  • Add the article to the Bibliography section.
  • Write an Annotated Bibliography following the Citation.

Student deliverable. Learn how to write an Annotated Bibliography. There is a sample below. The Annotated Bibliography should have two things – summary and personal reflection. Provide one paragraph summary (comprising of 5-7 sentences) and a one paragraph personal reflection (comprising of 5-7 sentences), single spaced.

Total attachments:

  • the article
  • the M/S Word document that includes ALL components of the paper thus far