Community Involvement Assignment: Where you attend three events on campus and write a reflection about your events and involvement.

I currently attend Syracuse university and need to complete this for my project showing the school how I have gotten involved in the community. I have attended events but am not the best writer so will leave them for you to reflect and specific events which can obviously be made up to a certain extent but want to try and show honesty. Below I’ll give you descriptions of each event and can be used as a mini outline and need to submit a paper putting these three together and reflecting on each of them.

1) Orange after dark (OAD) End of the year formal (12/7/18) — lots of fun got to go out and enjoy the night with new friends.

2) Student Involvement Fair (9/5/18) – “be prepared to share something you found that you’d like to pursue”? (Occurs on main. quad)

3) LGBT Resource Center (9/18/19)- atteneded a workshop including the basic training and different perceived perceptions. (Showing acts of kindness to all people and sitting in on a talk with a bunch of open people was very neat and something special that I had never ever gotten the chance to experience. So really getting out of my comfort zone. Although I’m a straight(heterosexual) male it gave me more insights of others lives and how we judge certain people because of their indifference which is still unjustified to this day and informed me more of that.

Length of paper isn’t a huge concern just want to show credibility and accountability for my actions and how these events have improved me and explain each event as reflections from me & my takeaways/ lessons from them. (should exceed to be over a page or two) But the best way. you can do it, its in your hands now just wanted to help and guideline you as much as possible/ needed. So let me of any questions or concerns. Appreciate the help!!