CommonBond Email Case Study Analysis

Please read, analyze and prepare a short (no more than 3 pages) write up supporting your arguments/points based on data from the case. In order to help you with the analysis, please consider the following questions that the case raises. Note that I’m not looking for you to turn in a simple Q&A paper. The write-up should have proper sections – introduction, analysis, conclusions/recommendations, references used, etc.

  • Describe the benefits of creating an email creation strategy and process. Why was it important for CommonBond?
  • Describe any risks of creating a 3-month forward looking email calendar.
  • With relatively high open and click-through rates to date, how should the team measure success of the new strategy and process?
  • How would they know if the effort of planning was making an impact?
  • What would you do to improve the strategy or process?
  • Should CommonBond consider an entirely new thread of emails customers of new products that they launch?
  • As CommonBond grows, should email remain an important avenue for communicating with target customers? How should the strategy evolve over time?