Colorado Christian University Integration Psychology and Theology Discussion

Assignment Guidelines:

Please view the video, “CCU Professors Discuss the Integration of Psychology and Theology,” then respond to the questions below. The length of your assertion or argument should be 2 – 2 1/2 pages in length, in APA format and submitted in Microsoft Word (include a title and reference page). Before writing your paper, be sure to review the Guidelines for APA Style.

Posed questions to CCU’s professors

  • Is integration of psychology and theology necessary?
  • In what ways are Christianity and psychology disintegrated?
  • Can they be re-integrated? Should they be? Why or why not? How might such integration be pursued?
  • Identify one or more areas of perceived conflict between psychology and theology. Evaluate whether those conflicts are intrinsically irreconcilable, or if they might represent a misunderstanding or an erroneous conclusion drawn from one discipline or the other.

Please view these videos prior to beginning your written assignment.

Part I:

Part II: