Code of Ethics and Principles of Professional Conduct Written Assignment

This course started with a discussion about Teachers Behaving Badly. Now that you have completed the course, it’s time to discuss how YOU, as a “well-behaved” teacher, will demonstrate the code of ethics and principles of professional conduct of the education profession in the state of Florida.

You will write a 2 page minimum (double spaced) paper that addresses the following

(1) How you, in your own words, define ethics AND professional behavior 13 points max

(2) 3 specific laws, acts, court cases (specifically cited) you learned in this course that will contribute YOUR demonstration of ethical and professional behavior in your future classroom. 13 points max

(3) Using the National Education Association (NEA) Code of Ethics AND the Principles of Professional Conduct for the Education Profession Florida… identify 3 ways in which your behavior as a professional educator will adhere to the code or exemplify the principles 13 points max

Your paper should be error-free and written in standard written English (11 poin