CMGT400 Cybersecurity Risk Management Threats Questions

200 words

Discuss which resource(s) you found to be most useful in terms not only of researching the different types of industry and government regulations that exist, but which industry and government regulations must be implemented for a given security scenario.

What criteria are you using, or thinking of using, to determine which type of industry or government regulation is most appropriate for your particular individual assignment?

A cybersecurity risk management plan is a plan designed to protect a system exposed to the internet, internal employees, contractors, disasters, failures, etc.

Discuss some common cybersecurity risk response, change management, version control, and incident response processes that you might consider incorporating into the cybersecurity plan you will be creating for this week’s individual assignment. Are cybersecurity risk management processes similar from system to system? Where can you locate best practices for preventing or mitigating cybersecurity risk management threats?

Embedded systems are being integrated into many products. They are also being used to enable the Internet of Things. As embedded systems become more widespread, they present additional opportunities for hackers to exploit them to gain access to systems and data.

Discuss how organizations should analyze the security implications of embedded systems that they use. What are the consequences of having unprotected Linux operating systems installed on embedded systems? What steps should an organization take to secure the embedded systems that integrate with their technology architecture?