CJST2250 New Haven Importance of Scientific Method in Criminal Justice Paper

the title of this proposal is ( the importance of scientific methods in criminal justice system )

i have attached the literature review and introduction that i wrote about about it down below which you will be needing to see too about writing this research proposal.

here is the reviews that i got for each the lit review and introduction from my professor:

lit review:

While you have some good content and sources, you have some important issues in your submission that you should address. Your first sentence needs work, as it is too vague. Use the format provided in the instructions for the introduction on Blackboard. The page range for this assignment was 5-7 pages, which means a minimum of 5 pages of content, not including the cover page and references. After fixing your formatting and deleting extraneous lines and headings, you had just over 4 3/4 pages. Review APA format. Your in-text citations and references have formatting errors. Your references should be in alphabetical order. Keep your writing clear and concise. Your writing needs work. Please consider using the resources available to you at the university, such as the writing center. Also, I am available to meet with students during office hours, or communicate via email, or set up a time for a phone call

the introduction :

Your topic is unclear. Review APA format. You have errors in your reference page. You need a minimum of three sources, other than the text for the course. Check your grammar and spelling before submitting your work.

now here is the guide lines for the research proposal that you will need to follow in writing this research proposal:

The research proposal final paper will include the following components:

  • Introduction, edited as per the instructions on Blackboard, in conjunction with feedback provided in class and on Blackboard.
  • Literature Review, edited as per the instructions on Blackboard, in conjunction with feedback provided in class and on Blackboard.
  • Methodology, which will include the following: research questions, research hypotheses, operationalization of independent and dependent variables, identification of the target population, the sampling method to be employed, the source of your data, the types of measurement (including precision of measurement if applicable), and a discussion of limitations of your research, including threats to reliability, validity and generalizability of your measurements and findings.
  • Conclusion, which will summarize the most important aspects of your proposal and the utility of the proposed research to the field of criminal justice.
  • Students do not need headings, but four headings for the text are permissible: Introduction, Literature Review, Methodology, and Conclusion. Use the heading of References for your Reference page(s).
  • Your cover page will have the following information on separate lines: Title of paper; author of paper (your name); course name and number; date of submission (the date you upload your document into Blackboard); and professor

Each submission will be in a word document, double spaced, Times New Roman 12 point font, 1″ margins, APA format, cover page, reference page at the end, total text length 10-14 pages (not including cover page & reference page).

Failure to comply with any of the above instructions will result in a lower grade.

please be extra careful about writing this research proposal, remember using credible academic sources as this is an academic paper. and this is a research proposal and not a full conducted research paper. please do not take this question unless you’re 100% sure that you will add value and you will be up for writing it and getting me a fantastic grade as this paper is 30% of my passing grade and it is very important.