CJ495 Overcrowding in Prisons in the United States Writing Essay

Format according to APA -Edit paper. Paper needs serious, serious editing. -Tone: keep professional. -Cite statistics, including incarceration rate. -Abstract should be on page completely separate–should not flow into Introduction -Need to define what overcrowding in prisons is before discussing explanations -There is no such thing as the United States Court of Human Rights. -There is a lot here that needs CITATIONS. SO MUCH. -Citations need to be in APA format -Key Issues should not be separate from Fact File. Should be one section “Key Issues and Fact File” -Format insertion and citation of graphs and fitures according to APA. If they are not done this way, paper will not pass. -Page 12 there is a figure…with no citation or label at all -2016 statistics…no citation at all. -Why are there all these subheadings? follow APA on subheading use and formatting. -This paper has so many things that need citations and are not cited that it is extremely frustrating. -Do not refer to authors by their first names–not Jeremy and Cesare. It is Bentham and Beccaria. -Discussion of incapacitation theory is unclearand cannot be followed -In methods section, need to cite academic sources. Many sources cited here are not academic sources–many are of questionable quality. -Discussion of strengths/weaknesses of interviews is hard to follow. -Don’t you mean observation, not participant observation as a method? Which studies involved participant observation? -Ethics section does not follow guidelines. Need to identify one code of ethics and one specific actor in cj system. Then discusses two situations that actor may find themselves in, showing how that ethical code may leave the actor torn between two different actions.