Chris Gladwell Rhetorical Analysis Essay

For this project, I want you to write a 5-6 page essay in which you:

  • Explain his rhetorical style based on our three readings: “Small Change,” “Offensive Play,” and “Harlan, Kentucky”

His style and rhetoric are interrelated.We are going to combine our study of classical rhetoric (ethos, pathos, and logos) with the astute identification of specific characteristics in Gladwell’s writing (his style).What rhetorical or literary “moves” do you notice in his work?Granted, we are looking at a relatively small sample of his writing, but it should be enough to see a semblance of style emerge, based-on typical moves or characteristics that we notice.

Part of the assignment requires you to read closely in order to notice these elements.How does he write his essays?How does he construct his arguments?Explain his typical approach and strategies, based on what you have read.You should identify three different characteristics that will help you give the reader a sense of his style, as well as give your rhetoric audience some clarity on the effectiveness of his arguments.The three characteristics/elements/strategies should align with the three rhetorical appeals (ethos, pathos and logos).In other words, explain each appeal with a certain characteristic/device that you can pattern in his work.

A note on your approach to this paper: You need to include discussion of all three of his writings in your paper (I hope this seems obvious).So, do you have to discuss all three as you illustrate a specific characteristic?No.But you have to discuss at least two.Since the paper is 5-6 pages, make good choices.Perhaps “Offensive Play” and “Harlan, Kentucky” provide similar examples of Gladwell’s style of logos.Writing about those two in that case is fine.“Small Change” will certainly be used to illustrate other characteristics/strategies Gladwell typically uses.In other words, you are discussing all three throughout the paper in one-way or another.If you have questions about this, please ask.

The paper should be written in MLA format.