choosing a community

I have attached the rhetorical essay instructions PDF /with Rhetorical Invention Rubric what should be included please follow directions how it supposed to be in the rubric.. I need to write about a community.Now remember all those questions need to be included ..

choose a critical situation that affects a community you have access to (it may be one you’re a part of, but it does not have to be). Then, you will write an essay exploring multiple perspectives that members of the community hold about the situation. This may include:

• defining the community
• describing important aspects of the critical situation
• describing the issue
• explaining how people argue about the issue
• considering why this issue is important to members of the community.

Introduction ends with a thesis statement(one sentence) that states a topic + an opinion (community + opinion about the issue)

Body Paragraphs are developed around specific claims + supporting evidence that the author presents, and these are analyzed in terms of logos, ethos, and pathos

The paper contains at least 4 credible and persuasive sources with correct in-text citations and Works Cited Page

Evidence (direct quotes, summary, and paraphrase)

from the research is used to support the thesis statement

Please follow the rhetorical rubric this only a few i put here.

I will need an outline as well