Chapter 13 Evolution of American Presidency as An Institution Assignment

The American presidency is both interesting and important. It is more than just the president; it is the entire institution of the presidency found in Article II of the Constitution. A total of 44 men have served as president including President Trump. Each is a temporary occupant of the institution of the presidency yet each leaves a legacy. The presidential election in 2012 again reminded Americans about the critical importance of this office as did the presidential election of November, 2016.

Chapter 13 first describes the constitutional basis of the presidency (begins on page 519) and then the constitutional powers of the office. Make note of the expressed powers listed on page 520 and the subsequent discussion as this is at the center of presidential authority and responsibility.

On page 535 begins a discussion of the presidency as an institution, of all who surround the president within the Executive Branch including the vice president,the Cabinet, the White House staff and the president’s spouse (First Lady).

The section entitled, “The Presidency as an Institution” beginning on page 532 explores ways the modern president can sustain and expand his power as chief executive officer. The Chapter ends with a discussion of what the authors call the “administrative state” involving the Executive Office of the President, regulatory authority and executive orders.

The American presidency has evolved over time. The presidency today is a much more complicated office than the Founding Fathers envisioned. As originally conceived, the president is one of three branches with one making law (Congress) and the other interpreting law (the federal courts. especially the United States Supreme Court).

Briefly describe the evolution of the presidency over the past 200 years and examine the role of the president within the contemporary political and governmental systems. How does the contemporary presideny operate within the current political environment?

How would you improve the presidency to make the office more effective and responsive to the will of the American people? What are the factors that make an effective and productive president? What leadership qualities best ensure a successful presidency?