Changes in America from 1789 to The Mid 1800s Paper

Part I. Big Essay Question: How did America change from 1789 to the mid-1800s?

Please write an essay of about eight paragraphs (3-4 pages, double-spaced) to address the question. Please follow these guidelines:

  • Develop a main point related to a theme you see in the late 1700s-mid-1800s, such as economic development, cultural change, race relations, or political conflicts
  • Discuss how America changed in the whole time-period. (You could tell it like a story. If you like, you could show what a person would experience living through this era.)
  • Use material from Global Americans, Chapters 8-11. You may also use material from Connecting California if you find it especially helpful. Where you use quotes or specific information from the reading, simply give a page number (221).
  • Use about 8-10 key terms or questions from the reading handouts to develop your main points. Put the key items in bold or put a few key words from the questions in bold (please just put it in bold once, the first time you use it in a significant way).
  • Include at least three pictures. Note how the pictures help us understand key points in your essay.Integrate the pictures with the writing to reinforce concepts and events.
  • Organize your essay as a series of short to medium-sized paragraphs.
  • In your first paragraph, give an overview of the kinds of changes you will discuss.
  • In your last paragraph, note how these events relate to the country we live in today. You may also note how the history helps us understand our world or ourselves.
  • In your essay, you might also use Habits of Mind for History for inspiration.