Change Initiative Implementation Evaluation and Sustainability Case Study

MUST MEET ALL REQUIREMENTS IN RUBRIC (attached),5-7 refrence required with intext citations

You will utilize your change model (ATTACHED) for this assignment. Review the feedback submitted by your instructor on your previous change model assignment

(instructor feed back : I would add that it has been a pleasure to review your work, and I appreciate your kind contributions throughout the course. In the PowerPoint presentation, you may want to include a solid agenda and conclusion, both focusing on the main points that you expect to present. In regards to the assignment particulars, I felt that you addressed all the aspects well, and appreciate your hard work here. The intrinsic model was well presented Keep words per bullet to 10-15 I often think that background is the most important part of a PowerPoint presentation. Pick something that is visually appearing and captures the interest of your audience. One aspect that you can include, and which work well, is to use short quotes or quotations to illustrate your key points. This can also be presented using graphs, pictures, etc., that enhance the key points in your presentation. PowerPoint presentations are to present an overview of your topic, rather than detail all the information to discuss. So, to get your point across in a PowerPoint presentation, the use of verbiage should be limited. Keep words per bullets to 10-12, and 4-6 bullets per page, and you’ll find that more people will read, and like, PowerPoint presentations. Thanks again for everything you have done this week, and I leave you with this thought: the admired and the honored are those that did something with what they had. Make any changes or modifications necessary for the submission of this assignment.)

Evaluate the performance of your organization or department. Identify an area that would significantly benefit from initiating a change. Write a paper (1,500-1,750 words) in which you describe the particular area you propose to address through a change initiative. Include the following for your company:

  1. Discuss the issues in this area and the current outcomes as a result of the issues.
  2. Describe the external and/or internal driving forces, contributing issues, and the people affected.
  3. Evaluate the stakeholders involved and discuss how they will be affected by your change initiative.
  4. Clarify your role and responsibility as a change leader. Discuss the leadership theory (or theories) you will use to guide the change process.
  5. Discuss the change agents you need to recruit in order to successfully implement your change. Describe the roles of these change agents.
  6. Utilize your change model to develop strategies: (a) Explain the relevance of this model to your organization; and (b) Present the strategic aspects using your model. Be sure to clearly define the purpose of each aspect, the people involved, and the actions that need to be taken.
  7. Identify, or predict, the potential barriers to change. Discuss possible ways to overcome these obstacles, including methods for dealing with emerging or unforeseen circumstances that could impede implementation.
  8. Describe the evaluation methods you will use to determine the level of success of your change initiative. Discuss what metrics or measureable determinates you will use.
  9. Propose strategies to anchor change or support continuous change.
  10. Establish how your change plan supports the organizational mission/goal, genuinely addresses stakeholder concerns, and will serve as an equitable contribution for the community or society overall.