CH8Empowerment and Participation Safety Committee Management Paper

1-This chapter started off with a story about a large aircraft manufacturer. What did this company do to help reduce hazards and risks? Ten years after this project, what did they find out about the people that participated in this program?

2-Safety committee members reduced the accidents in their factory by becoming more aware of safety problems. There were three things that management allowed these workers to do to reduce accidents. Those three things were what?

3-Who is this and what is he known and famous for? (Don’t give me a dumb answer, like “he’s a safety guy”)

4-What is Empowerment and why is it important to a worker?

5-Empowering a worker has five broad approaches, what are those five and which is the one you think is the most important?

6-One researcher, for example discovered a shocking phenomenon. What was that phenomenon and why should we as safety people be worried about it?

7-In this chapter, the author identifies two types of power that managers might use. What are those two types of power and which one do you believe would be most sucessful?

8-What does this chart tell us about the relationship of job freedom and the degree of employee participation?

9-On the powerpoint slide that shows “Suggestion Programs” the last paragraph states, “The suggestions are screened for applicability and cost-benefit ratio, resulting in an acceptance rate of about ? percent in most organizations”. What is the stated percentage of accepted suggestions?

10-As good as worker participation sound it does have some limitations. Some managers have a problem accepting high involvement systems. The managers most likely are influenced by what thoughts and theories?