CH1 Frank Roles and Functions of Human Service Professionals Case Study

Detailing roles and functions of human service professionals and compare the counseling and case management functions in the scenario. Determine what case management aspects were utilized in the case. Determine what issues were addressed from a counseling perspective. Analyze what aspects of case management or counseling you as a human service professional might have utilized differently. Justify why. Your journal entry can be informally written in first person and should contain 350-

Scenario -Frank

Frank works for county social services, child welfare division, and is working with Lisa, who recently had her three young children removed from her home for physical and emotional neglect. Frank has arranged for Lisa to have parenting classes and individual counseling so that she can learn how to better manager her frustrations with her children. He has also arranged to have her admitted to a drug rehabilitation program to help her with her addictions to alcohol and cocaine. Frank and Lisa meet once a week to talk about her progress. He also monitors her weekly visitation with her children. Frank is required to attend court once per month to update the judge of Lisa’s progress on her parenting plan. Successful completion of this plan will enable Lisa to regain custody of her children. Frank will continue to monitor her progress, as well as the progress of the children, who are in foster care placement.